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Gardner Slinga Catapults

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Quick Overview

The large Slinga catapults are based on an extremely strong frame and use reliable, high performance latex elastics.
‘Hi-grip’ non-slip, rubberised hand grip
Extremely strong, yet lightweight reinforced composite moulded frame.

Choice of 3 pouches – Boilie, Particle and Ground bait (also available separately as spares).

All pouches feature reinforced eyelets, embedded in a double layer vinyl material for extra strength.

High strength latex elastics with non-slip grip to securely retain elastics in place so the elastics will not slip off the frame, even after repeated use.

General dimensions (Frame only) Height = 22.5cm, Width = 15.5cm (between arms).

Colour: Black.

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Gardner Slinga Catapults

Product Description
There are a choice of three tailor-made pouches to suit specific baits and baiting scenarios:
A large pouch, designed for firing out larger volumes of particle or boilies. We all know what a challenge getting bait past the seagulls can be, and sometimes the best way to get it out there is to fire it up high in a tightly grouped cluster so that when it lands in a tight grouping the birds can get a couple of baits but miss the majority (if they spread the birds tend to pick more off as they can get to each bait unhindered by the rest of the flock).
A small (Boilie) pouch that allows you to fire fewer baits at a time but gives a little extra range and accuracy.
There is also a ground bait style pouch that has a preformed plastic ring that stops the catapult crushing preformed ground bait balls as you pull the elastics back (normal pouches compress the ball and tends to fracture it so it breaks apart mid-air).

All large Slinga catapults feature: