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Rod Hutchinson Tigernuts Flavoured Hookbaits

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Rod Hutchinson Tigernuts Flavoured Hookbaits

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Rod Hutchison has revamped the oldest and most effective baits known to man - particles! After more than 30 years' research, we are proud to offer you the best particles you could desire for your hooks and rigs. Sorted according to size, flavours and colours, Rod Hutchinson's particles have no fear of water, allowing you to "hit the spot" even in the shortest sessions. Here we present Rod Hutchinson's famous pre-cooked Tiger Nuts, stocked in our handy freshness-preserving pots. These Tiger Nuts are perfect and very effective to face waters infested by shrimps or crab, or when you need to use a different type of bait.

200g of particles supplied in a glass jar

Available in:
PINEAPPLE SUPREME - Supreme indicates the high quality of the Pineapple liquid in this flavour pure pineapple strong and sharp, with tons of n-butiric acid. Sweetness and attraction are guaranteed
MEGASPICE - King among king's of the spicy flavours. Megaspice has no equal amongst other spicy flavours on the trade, because its original recipe is known only by Rod
MEGA TUTTI FRUTTI - Endowed with a tremendous action speed, thanks to its particular chemical structure, achieved only after several years of heavy field testing. In this way a bait was obtained that was simple and hugely effective
SECRET AGENT - Rod's unknown marksman nobody knows its identity, yet everyone knows it’s devastating potential. It's a secret mix of flavours vaguely similar to fresh meat and fish, with a note of sweetness. It is absolutely deathly during the enduros, and it can really make the difference in the most pressed swims SCOPEX - Scopex is a religion, with thousands of believers spread around the world join them and enter the temple where time has stopped, in order to breath the pure air of the old days. Simply the best, the pure essence of the Rod Hutchinson method. A classic flavour that you can successfully use everywhere, a jolly bait to speed up your angling career
MULBERRY FLORENTINE - You will be enchanted by its incredible aphrodisiac profile you will smell pure essence of summer, flowers, fruits
MONSTER CRAB - A weapon of mass destruction you have to be careful with. Your missus could lose her priceless patience. By the way, its smell and taste track is the right one to empty your favourite river or channel.Monster Crab is placed right over there in the Olympus of the carp baits
R-AGENT & LIVER LIQUID - A new unbeatable Sniper! R Agent has been carefully developed to create an alchemy of attractors which will irresistibly lead your preys directly to your landing net
FRUIT FRENZY - Another of Rod's long-awaited oldies. One of RH's first ready-mades of the 80es was based on this very liquid. It's not a regular fruit flavour, but more a slightly acid mixture of fruity origin. Since the appearance of Fruit Frenzy on the market, this ground-breaking flavour note became a must-have weapon for every top Angler. RH Fruit Frenzy is at its best in unspoiled lakes, where there is not high carp-fishing pressure
SWAN MUSSEL - Liquid amino coming from the Anodonta cygnea, a kind of fresh water mussel to be found in European lakes. It is the favourite dish of the colossal continental “babies”